Department of Statistics


Started in the year 1968, the Department of Statistics provides learning resources to the students of Mathematics and Economics Degree programmes. Prof. N.K. Thomas, the great luminary of the Department served as its Head during the period 1968-2001. Dr. Lishamol Tomy, faculty in the Department has been awarded a minor research project of the U.G.C. amounting to Rs. 1,20,000. The Department holds laurels for meritoriously producing 30 research publications in international referred journals.

‘The proliferation of quantitative information in the society- To create a group of students well aware of basic statistical tools and its applications’


To provide excellent training in methods and procedures of statistics, and data management

  1. To provide learners deep knowledge in probability and statistical theory.
  2. To develop among students working knowledge in the most commonly used statistical methods.
  3. To enable the students to synthesize and apply knowledge of common inferential methods.
  4. To provide learners an environment to experience with data and its processing.
  5. To have the students frequent interaction with their peers and the faculty.
  6. To have the students an exposure to statisticians and statistical applications outside the college.
Action Plan 2019-20