Research Overview

Research Overview

The college has distinguished itself in research and consultancy activities. Out of the 65 permanent teachers 20 hold Ph.D and 21 hold M.Phil. degrees and many are pursuing research towards Ph.D. In  addition, four Ph.D holders and six M.Phil holders are serving in the self -financing Under Graduate  & Post-Graduate Departments. It is worth highlighting that 99% of our students come from rural, agrarian backgrounds. Department of Malayalam became an approved Research Centre known as ‘Nidhirickal Manikathanar Research Centre’ in 2004, with five Research Guides. In 2013, the Department of English also became an approved Research Centre with three Research Guides. Presently, 28 Research Scholars are carrying out research in the Research Departments of Malayalam and English. Over the years the college has bagged 50 University Ranks, several distinctions (80% & above), numerous first classes (60% & above) and the pass percentage in UG and PG is not less than 90 percent throughout. In 2013 the science departments received DST-FIST grant to the tune of Rs. 70 lakhs.


Research Committee:

  1. Principal
  2. Dr.Saji Augustian HOD, Department of Physics
  3. Dr.Priya Joseph HOD, Department of Zoology
  4. Dr.Ciby Kurian HOD, Department of Malayalam
  5. Dr. Jobin Jose, Department of Malayalam
  6. Dr.Tina Sebastian, Department of Physics
  7. Dr.Lishamol Tomy,HOD Department of Statistics
  8. Dr.Sunil Jose K, Department of Zoology
  9. Dr.Brincy Mathew,Department of Malayalam
  10. Sr.Dr.Fancy Paul, Department of English


Research Promotion Council
Dr. Sunil Jose K. (Convener) - Department of Zoology
Executive Committee:-
Dr. Priya Joseph - Department of Zoology
Dr. Lishamol Tomy - Department of Statistics
Dr. Saji Augustine - Department of Physics
Dr. Tina Sebastian - Department of Physics
Dr. Ciby Kurian - Department of Malayalam
Dr. Jobin Jose - Department of Malayalam 
Dr. Jaison P Jacob - Department of English
Dr. Brincy Mathew - Department of Malayalam 
Sr. Dr. Fancy Paul - Department of English                  


Research Advisory Committee
Dr. Sunil C. Mathew - Head of the Research Centre
Dr. Ciby Kurian - Research Guide in Malayalam
Dr. Jobin Jose - Research Guide in Malayalam
Dr. Brincy Mathew - Research Guide in Malayalam
Dr. Jaison P Jacob - Research Guide in English
Sr. Dr. Fancy Paul (Research Co-ordinator) - Research Guide in English 
Dr. Jose K Manuel - M G University Kottayam (External Expert)
Dr. Siby James - St. Thomas College, Palai (External Expert)      


Research Lines
The college publishes an interdisciplinary research journal titled 'Research Lines' (ISSN 0975-8941). The journal accepts articles from all disciplines.
Research Lines Dec 2015
Research Lines Dec 2016
Research Lines June 2017
Research Lines Dec 2018
Research Lines Dec 2019
Research Lines Dec 2020


Doctoral Programme (Ph. D. by research)
Research Departments
(1) English
(2) Malayalam


Research Guides in the College:

Department Name                   Research Centre
English Dr. Jaison P. Jacob Deva Matha College Kuravilangad
  Sr.Dr. Fancy Paul  Deva Matha College Kuravilangad
Malayalam Dr. Ciby Kurian Deva Matha College Kuravilangad
          ,, Dr. Jobin Jose Deva Matha College Kuravilangad
          ,, Dr. Sajeev S. Deva Matha College Kuravilangad
          ,, Dr. Brincy Mathew Deva Matha College Kuravilangad
          ,, Dr. Selvi Xavier Deva Matha College Kuravilangad
          ,, Dr. Minimol Mathew Deva Matha College Kuravilangad
Mathematics Dr. Sunil C. Mathew St. Thomas College, Palai
Statistics Dr. Lishamol Tomy St. Thomas College, Palai
Zoology Dr. K. Sunil Jose Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Kochi
Physics Dr. Saji Augustine St Thomas College, Palai
          ,, Dr. Tina Sebastian Maharajas College, Ernakulam

Ph.D Alumni:

Sl. No.      Name of the Scholar               Name of the Guide
1   Alphonsa Theresa Mathew Dr. Joy Jacob
2   Joyal Jacob Dr. Joy Jacob
3   Shijo Mathew Dr. Joy Jacob
4   Akhil Dev Dr. Joy Jacob
5   Surabhi S. Muthe Dr. Joy Jacob
6   Diana Joe K. Dr. Joy Jacob
7   Deepa Thomas Rev. Dr. P. Augustine Mathew
8   Joselin Jose Rev. Dr. P. Augustine Mathew
9   Jerin B. Sebastian Rev. Dr. Joseph Sebastian
10   Ann Mary K. Sebastian Rev. Dr. Joseph Sebastian
11   Anupa Rose Babu Rev. Dr. Joseph Sebastian
12   Kuzhivelil George Thomas Rev. Dr. Joseph Sebastian 
13   Subin Varghese Rev. Dr. Joseph Sebastian       
14   Selin Thomas Dr. Philip John
15   Melby Jacob Dr. Philip John
16   Sreeja K.S. Dr. Philip John
17   Suresh G. Dr. Philip John
18   Fr. Salvin K. Thomas Dr. Philip John
19   Amal V. Thankachan Dr. Philip John
20   Mini Sebastian Dr. P.T. Thomas
21   Tony Joseph Dr. V.K. Narayanakaimal
22   Lisha H.T. Dr. V.K. Narayanakaimal
23   Roopkala Prasad Dr. V.K. Narayanakaimal
24   Sony G. Kakkellil Dr. Padmanabha Pillai
25   Vijeesh M.A. Dr. Padmanabha Pillai
26   Manjusha E.S. Dr. Padmanabha Pillai
27   Smruthy S. Babu Dr. Padmanabha Pillai
28   Ancy Sebastian Dr. Padmanabha Pillai
29   Rabija A. Dr. Jobin Jose
30   Arun Varghese Dr. Jobin Jose
31   Sreedevi N.S. Dr. Jobin Jose
32   Anu C. Soman Dr. Jobin Jose
33   Santo George Dr. Jobin Jose
34   Sreekala P. C. Dr. Sajeev S.
35   Jaya M. R. Dr. Sajeev S.
36   Sinimol Joseph Dr. Sajeev S.
37   Joshin Joseph Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian
38   Litha Mary Jean Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian
39   Sujith A. S. Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian
40   Nirmal Sabu Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian
41   Anu A. V. Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian
42   Asha P. Jacob Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian
43   Minija Abraham Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian
44   Sabu K. Restham Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian
45   Ancymol Anthraose Dr. T. T. Michael
46   Thomas K. C. Dr. T. T. Michael
47   Akhila P. Nair Dr. T. T. Michael
48   Anu Mary Jacob Dr. T. T. Michael
49   Shalini Thomas Dr. T. T. Michael
50   Sophia P. Thomas Dr. Lishamol Tomy
51   Jiju Gillariose Dr. Lishamol Tomy
52   Arun Kumar Dr. Benny Joseph
53   Jypson V. Mecheril Dr. Benny Joseph
54   Rino Chandran Dr. Benny Joseph
55   Lijoy Thomas Dr. Benny Joseph