The major purpose of Mentoring is listening, as it is the key to an effective communication. Lack of listening leads to breaks in communication, making the person on the other end frustrated. Effective listening is a skill that underpins all positive human relationships. Moreover in this modern world, people are busy, making individuals all alone and sharing their feelings impossible. So in that sense also listening, the feeling of someone is there to hear me, is precious. As by-products, mentoring includes encouraging, sharing experiences, giving help, advice and guidance to mentees and pointing them to other sources of support or referral.

       A well structured Three Tier Mentoring System is following in Deva Matha College Kuravilangad. At the base level, one faculty is allotted as mentor to a group of students (mentees). In our system, mentors perform different functions that are beneficial to the mentees. At the middle level, Heads of the Departments play a vital role in the mentoring system by monitoring the progress in its processing. At the top level, IQAC acts as a tool to streamline and monitor the mentoring activity in various departments. On the basis of feedback from mentors, the Mentoring Co-ordinator in consultation with IQAC, offers support of external expert to needy mentees. The college is responsible for providing training, advice and on-going guidance to the mentors.

Dr. Lishamol Tomy (Department of Statistics)


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