Media Cell

Media Cell

The Public Relations & Media Cell of Deva Matha College, Kuravilangadis constituted as under, to create and maintain a legacy of the Institution in the eyes of the general public and outer world.
Advisor: Rev. Fr. Dinoy Mathew Kavalammackal, Vice Principal

  1. Capt. Sathees Thomas, Assistant Professor of Physical Education &NCC Officer (Chairman)
  2. Sri Anish Thomas, IQAC Coordinator & Assistant Professor of Commerce (Member)
  3. Dr Ciby Kurian, HoD of Malayalam (Member)
  4. Ms Anu P. Mathew, Assistant Professor of Commerce (Member)
  5. Sri Benny Joseph Kocheril, Assistant Professor of English (SF) (Convener)
  6. Mr Tanson Cyriac, Office Assistant (Member)
  7. Jeff  Jerry Joe,  BCom (Finance & Taxation) 2019 Admission (Student Member)


Duties & Responsibilities

            With the prior sanction and consent of the Advisor, the Public Relation & Media Cell of Deva Matha College, Kuravilangadperforms the following Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. The cell manages the media relations of the college and keeps the media updated withthe important events that happenat the college. This primarily involves covering various events of the college, preparing press releases and ensuring that each and every event of the college gets its due media coverage.
  2. The cell provides content for the periodic updationof the collegewebsite. This includes regular updates on achievements of the college/students, alumni network, events and other happenings.
  3. The cell manages all social media handles of Deva Matha College, Kuravilangad- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
  4. The Cell also organizes various interesting events during the academic year as well as an annual Media Fest.
  5. The committee is also responsible for interviewing various stakeholders and guests on the latest educational trends.
  6. The cell is responsible of managing the spread of information about our college’s vision, mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner to the Public through Media relations.
  7. The cell is supposed to undertake promotional activities about the college such as printing of pamphlets/brochures, producingvideos/documentaries and erecting banners/hoardings in attractive waysfor the benefit of public and students as and when required.