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Admission Procedure - P.G.

 Mahatma Gandhi University has implemented the Centralized Allotment Process (CAP) for admission to its affiliated colleges since 2011. Therefore admissions are conducted as per the rules of the university.

Admission to PG Programme

There is only a single application form for applying for admission to all the PG Degree Programmes in various affiliated colleges for considering them in the Open/Reservation Quota except sports quota/cultural quota/Lakshdweep quota and Persons with Disabilities (PD) quota. If a candidate submits more than one application his/her candidature is liable to be cancelled. The candidates seeking admission through community merit/management quota/ sports quota/cultural quota/Lakshadweep quota/NRI/Staff quota and PD quota should submit separate applications to the respective colleges also. The above candidates should also apply under the Centralised Allotment Process, if they are to be considered for general allotment.

Application Fee: 
The application fee will be as follows 
For General candidates:   200/-
For SC/ST candidates:  100/-




Submission of application i.e. registration of personal and academic data as well as options for programmes and colleges shall be done on-line. Before submitting the application form, candidates are advised to verify the details of programmes in a college including hostel facilities through the website of individual colleges, in addition to the information given in the prospectus published by the University. Before selecting a programme the applicant shall satisfy himself/herself that he/she possesses the prescribed qualification for applying for the programme.

Steps for Registering On -line: 

The student can check his/her application status online using their User id (application number) and password.  
The Steps for online registration may change from year to year. So check the website of Mahatma Gandhi University for the updated details, before you apply.

  • Follow the online instructions and fill in the minimum personal details required.
  • Create a ‘Password’. (The password will be used for all future online operations).  The password created by the candidate should not be disclosed to others who may misuse them. This may result in tampering with the options and the University will not be responsible for any such eventuality.
  • Generate a Chalan print out. The Chalan bears an ‘Application number’. The application number will have to be used by the candidate for all future online and offline operations. 
  • Remembering of the Application Number and the password is the applicant’s responsibility.
  • Approach the nearest SBT branch enlisted in the CAP portal along with the Chalan print out and the remit required fee.
  • Collect the sealed Chalan copies from bank (Student copy and University copy). Only after completing this step, will the Application Number and password get activated.
  • Go to the login Panel in MGU CAP Web Portal and Use the activated  Application number as user name and previously used password for Login.
  • Fill in the Application form with personal details, academic eligibility and the options correctly.
  • Verify with the relevant documents and confirm the details entered on-line.
  • Take the print out of filled up application for final submission to the University.
  • Submit the signed application along with self attested copies of the necessary documents to Deputy Registrar (Acad – I), MG University, PD Hills, Kottayam, PIN: 686560 by post or in person.




All options for which the candidate is eligible will be displayed on the Home Page. The candidate may follow the directions given therein to register the options. The data entered should be saved regularly by clicking the ‘save’ button, so that the data already entered is not lost due to unexpected reasons. The candidate should enter only those options in which he/she is interested. Candidate should also note that he /she will be considered for allotment only to those programmes and colleges opted by him or her. So a candidate who has not opted for a programme-college combination will not be considered for allotment for that combination. Existing options, registered by the candidate and available in the home page can be cancelled by clicking the delete button. All options registered by the candidate will be processed. If a candidate gets allotted to a particular seat, based on his or her option, he /she is bound to accept it, failing which, he /she will lose that allotment as well as his /her claims for any seats in any stream. Such candidates will not be eligible for any further allotment in any stream. The options for college(s) and programme(s) can be done while filing online registration of personal and academic data or subsequently within the last date of submission of application.   No extension of time will be granted for registering options under any circumstances. The maximum no. of colleges that can be opted by an applicant is 20 (Twenty).

Options have to be registered only through the website Based on their eligibility, candidates should register their options in their ‘Home Page’ for the programmes and colleges, within the stipulated time, for being considered for allotment. Candidates can visit the website and follow the instructions given therein to register their options. 



The options in the ‘home page’ of the candidate at the time specified for closing of registration of options alone will be considered for processing. Once the candidate completes the option entry, he/she can view his/ her options by clicking on the ‘View Option List’ provided. An option list will be generated and the candidate can take a print out of the same and keep it for future reference. If the candidate wants to change his/her option already registered, he/she may revise the options as desired and should see that the options are listed as per his/her priority.


Before the Trial Allotment, the application details as entered by the candidate will be published for verification by the candidates. Candidates will have the provision to modify option details even at this stage. Rank list shall be prepared on the basis of the ranking marks arrived at as per the rules in this regard. 

Trial Allotment:  A Trial Allotment will be conducted to give an idea about the chances of getting allotment to a programme and college based  on the options, merit and the reservation norms. The trial allotment does not guarantee that the candidate will get allotment in a college or programme of his/her choice, for ranks may vary in the actual allotment subject to data modification by the applicants after the trial allotment.

First Allotment: After the Trial Allotment and the period earmarked for rearranging options, the first Allotment list will be published in the website        on the date to be notified.  A provisional Allotment Memo will be displayed in the website and the candidate shall take a print out of the same to be produced in the bank for remitting the required fee. The allotment memo will show the personal details, the college and the programme to which the candidate is allotted and the fee to be remitted.  

Remitting of Fee: The prescribed fee due to the University will have to be remitted by the candidate to the account specified by the University in any designated branch of State Bank of Travancore as enlisted in Annexure -III as  per the time schedule prescribed.  Once the candidate remits the prescribed fee, the bank will acknowledge the receipt of the fee by affixing the seal in the student’s copy of the allotment memo.

Kerala SC/ST candidates, who get allotment, shall remit a token amount of Rs.50/-. The payment of fees through any other mode of remittance will not be accepted.


Candidates who remit the fee as per the first allotment within the prescribed time limit will have the facility to cancel/alter the priority of their higher order options in the list of options registered by them before the next allotment. This facility will be activated in the ‘Home Page’ of the candidates on the dates notified.

Those candidates who do not remit the fee on or before the date specified, will lose their current allotment as well as the eligibility for further allotments.


After the first allotment, the options below the ‘allotted one’ of the candidates will automatically be removed from the option list of the candidate. For example, if a candidate had registered 40 options in all, and if he/she is allotted his/her 20th option, all options from 21 to 40 will be automatically removed from the option list.  Options from 1 to 19 will remain valid and will be considered for future allotments. He/she may delete/rearrange any options among the remaining options as per his/her desire.  But the candidate will not be permitted to register any fresh option to the existing ones.

Existing options registered by candidate, available in the Home Page, can be deleted by clicking the delete button. Deleting/Changing of preference of options must be done one at a time, each time clicking the ‘Delete’ button.

If a candidate is satisfied with an allotment and does not want to be considered again for further allotment(s), he/she must cancel all the remaining higher options.  A candidate retaining all or any of his/her higher options after an allotment, is bound to accept the next allotment, if any, failing which he/she will lose the previous  allotment as well as the new allotment.  He/She will not be considered for any further allotments.


The Second/Further Allotment list will be published on the dates to be notified. 

Other rules related to allotment


Any lapse on the part of the Head of the Institution with regard to the irregular admission shall be viewed seriously (Circular No. Ac AI/3/2114/2008 dated 06/11/2008).

    • Accessing the website
    • Logging on to the candidate’s Home Page
    • Registering of Options
    • Saving the Options registered
    • Submit the Option registered
    • Viewing the list of Options registered
    • Logging off from the Home page.
  • Cancellation/Re-arrangement of options after the first allotment:   Candidates who remit the fee as per the first allotment within the prescribed time limit will have the facility to cancel/re-arrange their higher options before the second allotment during a specified period.
    • All options registered by the candidate will be processed.  If a candidate gets allotted to particular programme and college, based on his/her option, he/she shall join the programme, failing which, he/she will lose that allotment and will not be considered for any further allotments.
    • Candidates will not be allotted to a College/Programme, not opted by them.
    • A candidate is bound to accept an allotment as per the priority of options registered. If he/she gets allotment in the subsequent phase, based on higher options against arising/future vacancy, he/she has to relinquish the seat already occupied by him/her.
    • Any request to retain a previous allotment after a further allotment (based on the higher options registered) will not be considered under any circumstances.
    • Failure to report for admission by candidate in the allotted college at the stipulated time and date will result in the forfeiture of his/her chance for admission to that programme/other programmes/further allotment(s).
    • Reporting at the College for admission:  All students who get allotment should report for admission at the college concerned after remitting the requisite fee in the bank. Those who fail to do this will be treated as Not Joined and further claim for admission from these students will not be entertained.
    • The candidates should produce the following documents in original before the Principal/Head of the college/institution at the time of admission.
      • The Allotment Memo received online.
      • Receipt of fee remitted in the bank.
      • Certificate to prove date of birth.
      • Transfer Certificate (TC) from the Institution last attended and Conduct Certificate.
      • Grade card/ Marklists of all parts of the Degree examination and Provisional/Degree Certificate.
      • Eligibility Certificate from Mahatma Gandhi University, in the case of candidates who have passed their qualifying examination from other Universities.
      • Migration Certificate, if applicable.
      • Caste certificate in the case of SC/ST candidates.  Any other documents required to be produced by the Head of Institution.
      • Community Certificate along with Income certificate from the revenue authorities concerned to the effect that annual family income of all members of family from all sources taken together is less than Rs. 4.5 lakhs in the case of SEBC candidates who claim reservation under SEBC category. The income certificate should not have been issued earlier than 12 months prior to the submission of application.
      • Community Certificate along with the relevant certificate from the revenue authorities concerned to the effect that they come under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category of forward communities in the case of candidates who wish to avail of reservation under EBFC.
      • Candidates who wish to avail of bonus/weightage of marks shall produce the relevant certificates.
    • The college authorities, after verifying the above documents, shall admit the candidate and make necessary updations in the admission portal. The students who get admission in their first option should remit the fee applicable to the course in the institution at the time of admission. Those students who decide to seek permanent admission by cancelling the higher options also shall remit the fee in the institution. Those who retain higher options need not pay any fee in the institution at the time of admission. However in the second allotment, they should remit the fee applicable to the programme secured in the higher option and join the college, and if not secured, they should remit the fee applicable to the programme secured in the previous option. The original certificates of all the admitted students shall be kept in the respective institutions. On getting allotment in a higher option, the student should get the certificates back from the institution and submit the same to the newly allotted institution.
    • Confirmation of Allotment: As the allotment is based on the information furnished by the candidate online, the eligibility should be confirmed at the time of admission. The principal/Head of the college/institution should verify the details furnished in the allotment memo in respect of the candidate by comparing the same with the original documents produced by the candidate. Any discrepancy which results in the invalidation of the allotment should be reported to the University and admission should be denied in such cases. The principal/Head of the college/institution shall be personally responsible for ensuring the correctness of the relevant details in online application by verifying it with original records produced by the candidate. The University will also verify the records produced by the candidates who got admission in due course and any discrepancy detected will lead to the cancellation of the allotment. A Special Allotment will be conducted for SC/ST candidates. SC/ST candidates who secure allotment through CAP and wish to retain their higher options will be permitted to take provisional admission in all allotments up to the special allotment.
    • Fees other than the one already paid as applicable to the programme/institution, will have to   be remitted by the candidate at the time of taking permanent admission in the college.
    • Verification of Documents: The Principal/Head of the Institution shall be personally responsible for verification of original documents and satisfaction of the correctness of the records produced by the candidate at the time of seeking admission in the College/institution. The admission should be done on-line through the panel provided by the University by ensuring the correctness of the candidate details.  If any discrepancies are noted in the online data and the original records, the allotment will be cancelled. The University will also verify the records produced by the candidates who got admission in due course.
    • Cancellation of Higher Options after joining a College:  Candidates who join the college on the date specified can cancel their remaining options fully or partially or change the priority of their remaining options before the date specified.  A candidate, not interested in any further allotments, must cancel all his/her options before the specified date, failing which, the options will remain live and will be considered for further allotments, if any.


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Admissions and Time Table

There is an admission committee functioning in the college to help the Principal in the matter of students’ admission to various courses.

Mr. K.J. Mathew - Department of Mathematics

Dr. Tina Sebastian - Department of Physics